About Us

Ben’s Gutters are a national gutter cleaning company.  We specialise in gutter cleaning services for commercial properties.

It’s a pretty important service to protect the integrity of buildings.  But also speaks volumes for your brand, giving your own clients a good first impression. 

Our Great British weather is famous for its changeability.  So much so it’s become part of our national culture. 

We see how our unique weather system turns gutters and roofs into garden – and a sanctuary for bird life.

Unless Kevin McLoud is featuring your eco ‘living roof’ on Grand Designs – it’s not something you want to encourage.

The buildup of dirt in gutters is the perfect breeding ground for seeds and spores.  Whether they are caught in the wind or carried by birds and insects. 

These soon grow into moss, plants and saplings.  Causing gutters and roofs to sag, which will and finally collapse under the weight. 

When gutters are not performing their purpose, rain re-routes to unwelcome places.  Down walls and pooling in ceilings.  Causing long term structural damage.

Don’t overlook this important annual task, due to demands of running a businesses. 

The cost of gutter cleaning is minimal compared to the cost of repairing your buildings.  Or the impact major works will have on productivity and your customer sales.

We have grown from a local business based in East Grinstead, to a Nationwide company over the last 10 years.  At our recent team training we calculated our team has a combined 125 years experience.

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