Why bother to clean my cladding?

There are plenty of reasons why it is worth implementing a regular cladding cleaning schedule.

These include:

  • Improves and enhances your brand

When your customers arrive at your business premises, you want to create a great impression from the start of your relationship. 

When your cladding is pristine it really does enhance how visitors see you and your company.  It’s all part of your brand identity and should be viewed as such and given the same importance as your website or the clothes and uniform your staff wear.

  • Preventative maintenance

Professional cleaning of your cladding on a regular basis will ensure that any dirt, grime, and stains are removed sooner rather than later ensuring the cladding looks as good as new.  Regular cleaning prevents the cladding from becoming discoloured or stained. If the dirt is left for too long the cladding could become irreversibly stained or discoloured.

  • Increases the longevity of the cladding

Without preventative maintenance and a regular cleaning regime, corrosion, mildew or mould will not be removed.  This can soon take hold and damage the integrity of the cladding material. If damage happens, the cost of repairs and the potential disruption this may cause will almost certainly outweigh the cost of a regular cleaning schedule.

  • Protecting the contents

Water damage could be disastrous if it affects stock or manufacturing equipment.  As well as the health of your employees working inside.

  • Warranty requirements

Cladding often comes with a guarantee in terms of how long the manufacturer states it should last. This guarantee could be voided if regular cladding cleaning is not implemented.

Don’t think you have to not worry if you do not own the property either.  If you are leasing a building and have signed a fully repairing lease, you will also be liable for any damage to the cladding of the building.  So a regular cleaning service is still recommended.


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