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Cleaning the roof of your building can save you massive repair bills.

Moss growing on a roof, left unchecked, can dislodge or separate your roof tiles. Gutters get blocked, leading to leaks and water damage to the building which can mean costly repairs.

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The main problems:

  1. Moss, lichen and algae growth
  2. Increased stress on the structure of the roof
  3. Water retention by roof tiles can lead to damp areas
  4. Roof may look unsightly due to dirt and pollutants

Professional roof cleaning can save you massive repair bills. This service greatly reduces the risk of expensive roof repair and improves the value and appearance of your building.

The roof cleaning process will remove all moss, algae, lichen and any other dirt residue that have contaminated your roof over time. Throughout the roof cleaning process our engineers will make sure that downpipes are protected, with the gutters fully cleaned out and left clear of any residue from the roof.

No matter the size or height of the building, using our specialist equipment, we can unblock your gutters and in doing so prevent any future water damage.

Working with some of the
the leading brands in the UK.

At Ben’s Gutters Ltd we have a team of highly trained operatives who have many years of commercial gutter cleaning experience and throughout the years we have worked with some of the leading brands in the UK.

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