Meet the team

Meet the team behind your professional gutter cleaning job.  Find out what part they play in our process and what they are like.

Rob Graves – Commercial Sales Consultant

Rob deals with our larger and more extraordinary accounts.  They can range from schools, shopping centres, retail parks, cinemas, and historic buildings.

Rob is our longest-serving member of the commercial team.  Everyone goes to Rob when they have a strange or tricky building to quote.  There’s not much he has not seen or done in regards to the world of unusual buildings and their gutters.

We do appreciate the way he looks after our customers and his colleagues.  Always being happy to help, but only after he has had his second coffee of the morning.

Call him on 01342 659082

Liam Cook – Commercial Sales Consultant

If you own or manage a facility, warehouse or commercial property portfolio, Liam is well placed to explain our services.

He’s migrated across our key departments over 7 years at Ben’s Gutters.  Spending short stint in residential sales. Then 4 years in operations and now over 2 years in commercial sales.

Out of the office he is busy with his expanding young family.  Although he tries hard not to have a Dad bod, by playing 5 aside football.  His team ‘The Expendables’, named after the film about elite mercenaries over a certain age.

Call him on 01342 778089

Dulu Miah – Commercial Sales Consultant 

You may get a call from Dulu if we are operating in your area.

He is partial to a Chocolate Tea Cake.  Being from Bangladesh he likes the feel of the village life he grew up in.  But living in a town now he has recreated a village atmosphere in the office and looks out for all the team members.

Call him on 01342 645334

Aidan Baldwin – Contracts Manager

You may get a call from Aidan if you’re a residential property manager in the private or council sector. He works with our residential team who we draw upon to fulfil the requirements of this type of work.

In his spare time Aidan likes to watch rugby, football and cricket. Aidan also played rugby and his claim to fame was getting a trial for the famous Harlequin Rugby Team. Unfortunately an injury before the trial ended his dream.

Call him on 01342 645333

Jon O’Hara – Commercial Sales Manager 
Jon manages our Commercial sales team and ensures best practice is shared between the teams and department heads.

Jon is a very keen aviation fan and has even built a home cockpit to which he spends many an hour in, flying around the virtual world! There is not much Jon does not know about most modern airliners and how to fly them. He assures everyone that he is not a geek!

Jon has many years experience in Sales and uses his honed methods to study our markets and figure out the best course of action for all our customers.

Phil Williams – Commercial Delivery Manager

Phil is your key contact once your job is live.

Originating from Pembrokeshire, he moved to the South East to join Ben’s Gutters.  Making a great impact in his first 2 weeks on our team, we promoted him!

Apart from strumming out tunes on his guitar and being an awesome gaming coder. He makes sure our team knows what’s what and has all the equipment they need.  After we leave he’ll write up a report and email it to your own dedicated customer portal. Phil will also produce any recommendations from our cleaners for you to note for future reference.

Jared Downie – Delivery Manager

Jared has been with us for 6 months, emigrating from South Africa where he was CEO of a Health & Safety company.  

He makes sure we are always developing our standards and certifications .  As well as expanding, training and growing our network of cleaners.

Not yet full adjusted to the British weather.  He is wondering if it will ever warm up so he can begin his swim training for triathlons this year?

John Jankuloski – Operations Executive

John leads the organisation across all of our market sectors and ensures the company is continually developing and improving.

He has been with the company for 8 years and has worked in all of the departments as we have grown, so has a thorough understanding of how they all work.

His most recent project has been to develop our own bespoke CRM to help our workflow and keep on top of our processes.

When there are major tennis tournaments, he maybe more difficult to find around the office.

Kirstie Jones
Kirstie Jones – Accounts 

The invoice for your job will arrive from Kirstie, who will be happy to help with any queries on this.

She often brings Bonnie, her British Bulldog, to the office. Although you will never hear barking in the background. We all hear her snuffling, wheezing, grunting, and snoring loudly.

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